As WFH becomes the new normal, more resorts are now promoting “workation” packages for those would rather spend 9 to 5 poolside. In addition to supplying high-speed WiFi in cabanas, properties are


Det är februari och Sverige är nog som tröttast just nu. Drömmer du om att ta med dig jobbet och byta miljö ett tag? Svenska Nomader listar var i världen det är 

· Why did workation become so popular in 2020? · Does workation make me a digital nomad  Haka på den senaste trenden som stavas workation. Låt tanken sjunka in. Kanske kan work + vacation vara precis det du som sitter vid hemmakontoret behöver  Work + Vacation – att kunna jobba samtidigt som man semestrar är just vad en workation syftar till. Att många idag kan jobba helt eller delvis på distans  Om Workation Group. Vi älskar möten av alla de slag och vi är övertygade om att i en digital värld blir det fysiska mötet mellan människor allt mer exklusivt.

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Our "Workations"​ are team-development cultural exchange retreats that  On workation during a pandemic. As the pandemic ground on, employees continued to show that they could and would work from anywhere. Even when they  16 Nov 2020 What is a 'Workation'? Aptly named, the Workation combines a vacation with remote work.


Workation in Lanzarote. I love the Canary Islands, as a tourist there are loads of things to do here from Climbing Mount Teide (the highest mountain in Spain, no less) to simply chilling on the endless beaches across the islands.But more than that, with the rise of digital nomadism, it offers something even better.The opportunity for a workation in Lanzarote. Acknowledging the lack of suitable remote work solutions for parents, she pitched the idea of a Family Workation and won a place the Beta-i Start Acceleration Program sponsored by Turismo de Portugal. There she met her future Co-Founder… Katya Shepeliuk Co-Founder.

'Workation' is a combination of the words 'work' and 'vacation'. The English We Speak. Make the English you speak sound more natural


I'm taking my girlfriend and we're going to make a workation out of it.


noun a paid work trip that can be combined with aspects of taking a vacation. From "work" + "vacation". Also spelled, though less commonly, " workcation ".
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2020-10-05 Workation, or "remote work", has become a major global trend. Until 2019, it was mostly freelancers, IT specialists and budding entrepreneurs who made up the majority of the so-called "digital nomads". 2020-01-25 Workation in seinen Ursprüngen richtete sich zunächst ausschließlich an digitale Nomaden wie Soloselbstständige, Freelancer oder Blogger. Zunehmend erhält aber auch aus den USA der Trend Einzug, dass sich ganze Teams aus Firmen oder sogar je nach Größe auch ganze Firmen für eine Workation … National Sep 20, 2018 'Workation' concept catching on in overworked Japan. Yoshimasa Higashihara, a 35-year-old worker at Japan Airlines Co., worked for half a day at a cafe while he was on In Aruba, we’re in the business of happiness, so we’re offering you a chance to work remotely from paradise.

Våra verksamheter har vunnit en massa priser och utmärkelser som vi är väldigt stolta över – men vi kommer aldrig att slå oss till ro. Vi söker alltid nya utmaningar, nya 2019-01-31 2021-02-19 Workation is the platform for dreamers, providing its members around the world with space, community, and services in remote areas that enable them to do what they love & create their life's work.
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Sometimes denoted workcation , workationing is fast becoming popular with employees who have widespread support from their companies for remote work and plentiful access to high-speed internet. Du kan ta en workation i hela Sverige - vi har 85 hotell i nära 40 städer. Packa ihop hemmakontoret och pyjamasen i en weekendbag och styr kosan mot en ny plats.